Blogging and Doddling on Pee-Chee Folders

Pee-Chee FolderFor many today, blogging is the modern equivalent of doodling during English class… Not so much Math or Science because you usually had to actually listen in those classes to ensure you didn’t have to study later. English was a doodling class because it could be fudged quite easily. I mean, really, how hard is it to come up with another phrase to replace “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” But, I digress… Blogging can too easily be just a sophisticated version of what teens into The Cure in the 80s used to do during English class, namely, draw dark and quasi-scary epithets about being morose on their Pee-Chee folders. They thought they were being profound in a very sophisticated, adult sort of way. But even then everyone knew they were playing at being adults and were acting as if their narrow breadth of experience warranted outright misery. They were misnaming their experience because, well, teenage angst in a vacuum is easy and is more fun than measured analysis.

That’s how I feel at the beginning of making public my thoughts and opinions about the world, like I’m an 80s teenager who thinks drawing skeletons and wearing black makes me meaningful. That can also be quite scary. I hope that by sheer tenacity of the discipline of regular writing I can learn to accurately express where God has led and is leading me. That is, I want to write, not as a poser who just wants to be heard, but as someone just trying to use God’s gift of communication to honestly and wantonly negotiate the vicissitudes of life. (What the heck is a vicissitude anyway?!)


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  1. I grew up in compton/lynwood, CA graduated in ’76 and the pee chee folders were the bomb. I am trying to get at least 10 of them. I don’t want any more than that. those were the bomb with multi tables, weights and measure and english help. you wrote your high school mascot and who u like and so forth. something different. A blast from the serious past.

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