In The Bloginning… (Or, Making My Words Flesh)

Word Became FleshWell, I have officially arrived in the online blogging world of pretending everyone wants to hear what I have to say… or something like that. Now, I don’t mean “I’ve arrived” but that I am simply an arrival, which will mean that my relatives and three other people will read it… That is, until Zondervan or the Christian Standard come knocking (i.e., emailing) and ask me to allow them to (over?)pay me to call me a regular contributor. (Actually I’d prefer Eerdmans or Brazos Press, but I don’t have a Ph.D. after my name.) I s’pose I’ll probably allow that. Funny how the internet allows everyone to feel like someone significant just because anyone can access their site! (Not that they would… or will….)

John wrote, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1.14, ESV). John was here rewriting Genesis – He starts out the passage by saying, “In the beginning…” (John 1.1, ESV) to show his readers that God is remaking and recreating the world through Jesus (Creation, part 2). Jesus was God’s next chapter in redeeming the world to Himself, as if the preceding parts were exposition and building action and Christ is the resolution and denouement. So, I guess I’m writing now to add what I can to the ongoing drama of God’s redemption of the world. If for no one else, for me it’s an exercise in articulating the Christian life. It’s orthodoxy meeting orthopraxy (hopefully), which, make no mistake, is an exercise in Scripture becoming a living and breathing Word in the lives of Christians. Sounds hifalutin, I know, especially of one’s own words, but we’re called to recreate and redeem the world as Christians. BTW, I like ellipses…


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