“Cutest Couple” Award at Local Middle School

Cutest CoupleI have it on good authority that, at our local middle school, in addition to the usual “Student of the Month” awards given, there is a “Cutest Couple” award. Each grade has its own “cutest couple” award that is apparently given monthly.

Cutest couple… Are you kidding me?! I wonder… What is the process for choosing this “award?” Are the students given a set of criteria like character, integrity, or academic achievement? Doubtful. We know how they vote. It’s worse than any popularity contest or prom queen vote, which is a dumb enough thing already. It’s called the CUTEST couple. Are you kidding me?! I recently heard a girl say she hoped she got it soon. Now that’s a goal worth aspiring to!

This is so misdirected it’s almost nefarious (a great word, by the way.) It’s one of the worst examples of educating children to hold a set of upside down priorities that I’ve ever heard. Perhaps there are some parents who have said something. I hope so. Regardless, I’m emailing the principal to ask for clarification and/or explanation. If I don’t get a decent explanation in a week or so, they’ll be receiving a letter, along with the Superintendent, Board, PTA, and our local newspaper. Absolutely appalling! Don’t kids have a hard enough time already trying to navigate the exigencies of an upside down world?! How are we supposed to educate children to be productive and intelligent members of society when our public schools are handing out “Cutest Couple” awards?! I think I’m gonna run for School Board someday. Maybe I’ll propose an “Ugly Duckling” Award. Why shouldn’t that be a priority?! Or maybe “Most Overweight?” How ‘bout “Most Socially Inept?” That’s good… “Most Socially Inept.” I’m flushed and sweaty I’m so annoyed by how silly this is. Just plain silly.


3 Responses

  1. And aren’t we so glad?
    Good thoughts, though.
    Your favorite “half of a cutest couple” (HA!)

  2. I will be very interested to see what you find out on this.

  3. One of the least redeeming features of this is that it’s at the MIDDLE SCHOOL!
    From what I can remember as y’all were growing up is that middle school is a challenge under the best of circumstances. I’ve thought about it, and yeah, I’m pretty much disgusted. Makes me leery of letting the grandkids matriculate….

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