Christmas Wisdom From A Four-Year Old

Jesus in the Temple with the EldersWe had just started unpacking the Christmas tree when a commercial ostensibly selling cars popped up with Christmas music blaring and bells jingling, snow cascading in the background and ornamental icons stubbornly flashing “Zero Down.” Of course, the announcer’s downright screaming about this “limited time offer” like you’re a total idiot if you’re not falling over yourself to get to the dealership.

Insert the wisdom of a 4-year-old. Sophia, our daughter, says, unprovoked, “We don’t need that store do we, daddy?” “Why not?” I inquired. With the matter-of-fact innocence of a little girl wondering why cars are being sold as having something to do with Christmas, she held up her arms and shrugged her shoulders while explaining, “We don’t need it because we don’t celebrate cars at Christmas.” It gets better. Then she said, “Celebrating cars is nothing.” I beamed back, proudly, “You’re absolutely right, kiddo. Absolutely right. Celebrating cars is nothing.”


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