Writing is for Tweakers

PencilIt’s funny how in writing we begin, we think, with the end in mind only to find we’ve written a completely different piece than we intended. So, the title changes. Complete paragraphs are moved. Like puzzle pieces, words and phrases that just don’t seem to fit are turned around till they find a context, deleted altogether, or substituted for others.

That’s why it’s good for me to write regularly. It’s good for the obvious reasons. Logical flow of thought. Concise expression. The usual stuff. But, for me, it’s the tweaking. I am wired so as to tweak incessantly. Which is good… and bad. Good because I have the stick-to-it-ive-ness to find the right turn of phrase or the better fitting word…. if I get that far. Bad because I often don’t get much past the introductory paragraph, which is why I’m not going to finish this. Because that’s all I really wanted to say… That is, that writing is for tweakers. Even though I actually had a different title initially!


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  1. That’s why writing is awesome! lol

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