Poor Leadership: Annan and Ahmadenijad

Annan & AhmadenijadOn the same day, Iran President Ahmadinejad began a conference questioning the existence of the holocaust and outgoing UN Secretary General Kofi Annan ended his stint by delivering his farewell speech. On Ahmadinejad, there’s not much to say other than the obvious… he’s working hard to become a modern Hitler. But Annan took the opportunity to chide the United States for its foreign policy, functionally blaming us for creating the problems in Iraq by using phrases about American unilateralism and emperialism, etc., blah, blah, blah…

I follow the news pretty closely, and I haven’t seen any press releases from countries around the world stating what we all know… that Ahmadinejad’s conference is incendiary and diabolical. Where are the world leaders who are condemning this?

In this vein, Annan could’ve done something constructive with his speech or condemned the madness of a conference that claims the holocaust didn’t occur, but instead, he adjured the responsibilities of American liberty, namely, calling a spade a spade and bit the hand that feeds him. It’s just the last in a long line of cheap shots from a leader whose incompetence is well-documented (sexual harassment situation, oil-for-food scandal, Rwanda, Darfur).

Well, I’m not sad to see Annan go. Being articulate, soft-spoken, well-mannered and gentlemanly is nice and all, but being reasonable and having an ounce of backbone can sometimes be fairly important, too. Rick Warren says, “The only way to not be criticized is to be nothing, do nothing, and say nothing.” The UN, despite its charter to be a peace-keeping and humanitarian organization is proving Warren wrong. They receive my criticism for being a neutered organization that is functionally close to nothing. Bye, bye, Kofi. Good riddance.

UPDATE… later this same morning… several world leaders are condemning it.

United States

… which, of course, simply confirms how lame duck Annan was. However, in light of the fact that world leaders must not have known about it until now, maybe Annan didn’t either. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been an incompetent leader.

Michelle Malkin, always good for a pithy phrase or two, weighs in…


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