Warhol - Campbell Soup CanI frequently check out a few trend watching websites, trendhunter.com, trendwatching.com, and springwise.com. They’re usually pretty interesting for what they say about people and their interaction with culture. One article about “Warholism” caught my eye. It notes, with the advent of blogs, myspace, and Reality TV, etc., that young people these days are growing up with what is almost an expectation of their “15 minutes of fame.” It says,

“Let’s not forget the influence of that big Warholistic [sic] giant known as MTV, which launched reality TV as we know it. This psychographic trend is really going to shape the way youth consume products, services, and many other things. While they’re still looking for inspiration from outside resources, they’re very aware of themselves and what they have the potential to do. They also feel entitled to certain things because they feel they could (or should) be famous.”

Celebrity has become an expectation, perhaps in part because they grow up being taught to care about things like the recent divorce of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Media coverage of celebrity weddings, births, and breakups is so big that they are learning to measure the quality of their own lives against celebrity fame, as if they should search for their entitled 15 minutes.

I sat in my favorite coffee shop yesterday, cafemojoe.com, listening to middle school kids discuss the ins and outs of celebrity couples as they read along in People Magazine. “He’s totally hot!” “She’s such a snob!”

Vapid. Annoying. Frivolous. Insidious, even. Don’t these kids have anything else to talk about other than celebrities?! We have got to give kids a higher goal than money and fame. Why aren’t holiness, commitment, and spiritual fervor lofty enough goals? They’re hard enough for me.

I don’t think I’m going to tell my kids they can become whoever or whatever they want as if by sheer effort American Idol should be their destinies. Mostly I’m going to encourage them to become who God made them to be, which, usually, is about the same as who they are. Whoever that is will be quite fine with me, thank you very much.


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