Acceptance Speeches and Wasted Opportunity

George Clooney at the GlobesThere can hardly be an industry as smarmy, unctuous and self congratulatory as the film business.

Which is why I both love and hate to watch award shows.

These larger-than-life actors and moguls, who are walking corporations, are given about 30 seconds to say whatever they want. Most appropriately thank the cast, crew, producers, and directors. Some speak of the influence of family and parents. But, largely it’s fawning over each other’s awesomeness… which is insufferably annoying.

Barring the occasional person who accepts with grace and humility and speaks about things bigger than movie making, they’re wasted opportunities… frittered away so they can look good in front of their peers. They have the world’s stage on which to say something important, at the least, about the power of telling stories that connect with the lives of moviegoers, but they blab on about politics or try to be funny.

Boring… and only of interest to me insofar as it confirms, yet again, that many celebrities live in their own self-controlled worlds which, if left unchecked, increasingly cause them to lose touch with normalcy. They begin to believe the rhetoric about themselves, which is, of course, nauseating… and a wasted opportunity to be about something bigger than one’s own brilliance.


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