Crummy Church Signs

This is awesome. An entire site of nothing but Crummy Church Signs. I swear I’ve been thinking for a long time that someone needed to do something like this. I’m so glad someone has. Now we can all enjoy. Have I mentioned lately that I love the interweb? (A term I like, despite that hackers and geeks use it disparagingly.) It is incredible. I click on this page and I have WAY, WAY, WAY more information about crummy church signs than I could ever hope to compile in a lifetime by myself. Absolutely incredible.

You’ve gotta check out this one: Crummiest Sign Ever? I mean, seriously, what were they thinking?!

BTW, Tennessee, on “The Map of Crumminess,” is listed in the “All hope is lost” category. I can attest to this. I’ve seen Baptist spelled “B-A-B-T-I-S-T” more than once on a church’s sign.


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  1. Why, thank you.

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