Daddy and Daughter Date

A couple weeks ago I went on a date with someone other than my wife… and she was cool with it! After all, I’m the first love for this “other girl,” so I didn’t want to let her down. Before you report me to the elders of our church, lemme explain.

My wife and I have talked for a while about implementing a sort of parent-child dating strategy where, every month or so, one of us will take one of our kids on a “date” to have fun and “get to know each other better.” So, a couple weeks ago we finally started. My daughter Sophie got all gussied up, pulled her hair back, wore a necklace, and we headed out for a night on the town, complete with dinner, an event, and ice cream to top it all off! She seemed genuinely excited to have her daddy show her such sustained attention.

This idea is not new. It’s not mine. I got the idea from Aaron Wymer when I saw him out for a night with one of his daughters. They were playing checkers at Starbucks. Nothing particularly creative or revolutionary, but it’s the sort of thing that could be a helpful tool for how Christian parents prepare their children for relationships with the opposite sex. Can you imagine how many times we’ll talk about important issues of life over years of dates? By the time some scary boy actually approaches Sophie for a date, she’ll be WAY prepared. (And I will have drilled into her “25 Ways to Say No To A Boy”!) In fact, she may not feel much of a need to conventionally date because years of discussing her preeminent need for Jesus will hopefully mean she won’t feel as burning a need for the attention of hormonal mental philanderers. (But that might also be a little wishful thinking!) :o)


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