The Role of the Senior Minister

Here’s a study by the Southern Baptists that highlights the important role of the Senior Minister in churches being effective in outreach: What Standout, Growing Churches Have in Common.

Here’s a good point made by the study:

Most common among the standout churches is the role of the senior pastor. While a study earlier this month by Ellison Research found that 39 percent of American pastors are not highly interested in expanding outreach programs, researchers at LifeWay found the churches that are growing have pastors who prioritize evangelism as the most important. And the pastor strongly sets the tone of the church.

“These pastors do more than stress the importance of evangelism, they lead by example as they are personally passionate about and involved in sharing Christ both from the pulpit and through personal interaction with the unchurched and lost,” said Brad Waggoner, director of LifeWay Research.

How in the world can 39% of American pastors not be highly interested in expanding outreach programs?! And, to state the obvious, LifeWay researchers found that growing churches has pastors who prioritize evangelism and they strongly set the tone for the church. Do ya think?!


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