A Regular Diet of Osteen Akin to Twinkies

Found this on the Smart Pastor blog. Here’s the original article. Apparently Joel Osteen, poster boy for a new generation of palatable health-wealth gospel believers, is now in the top ten on iTunes podcasts, which, in my book, is less than a good thing. It’s not surprising or anything, but it is indicative of our penchant for ear tickling (2Timothy 4:3).

Some good comment from Sound Words blog:

Of course this is not surprising his preaching, smile, and banter is contagious. Too bad he keeps forgetting to use the Bible.

I’ve blogged before on Joel and I’ll say it again, watching Osteen is liking sticking to a diet of Twinkies. Sure they taste yummy, and give you lots of sugar induced energy but try living on them and see how you turn out. You feed that to your kids everyday and it’ll stunt their growth. The same thing with our spiritual growth. There is nothing wrong with listening to preachers like Osteen but if you don’t balance that out with a good balanced spiritual diet you are going to stunt your spiritual walk.

Seriously. So go to your regular old local church and regularly listen to your regular old preacher whom you actually know.


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