“Church Merch” – Joel Osteen Game is… in a word… Vacuous

Joel Osteen, poster boy for a new generation of positive and palatable health-wealth Christianity, has long had a book on the bestseller list, Your Best Life Now. I don’t suggest buying it, BTW. You’ll get a pretty good idea of the gist from this blog post, “ChurchMerch – Your Best Life Now: The Game” from Challies.com. You’ve gotta check out this post. Here’s a funny quote:

So here is the box. Very exciting. Joel looks happy, as always. I would be too if someone turned my book into a board game.

This game is, well, for one, obviously boring. But it has got to be one of the most egregious examples of the depth of stupidity to which Christian merchandisers will go. It’s no wonder that non-Christians often think the Christian account of life isn’t meaningful. No wonder. This game is vacuous. And I tire of hearing from people like Osteen about discovering one’s potential without hardly a nod to the fact that we’re created to “discover our potential” for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Simply put, he’s popular self-help psychology with a not-decidedly Christian bent. Osteen is mostly a modern Norman Vincent Peale who smiles a lot.

Also, BTW, Tim Challies runs a great site for TONS of Christian book reviews called www.discerningreader.com. Also, BTW, part 2, how cool is it that there are Christian bloggers out there like Tim Challies providing valuable information like this “ChurchMerch” blog post and discerningreader.com? The internet continues to fascinate me (insofar as it meaningfully provides a resource of information. The problem is, I think, increasingly few people are able to process the world around them, let alone the almost limitless number of resources available to us nowadays. Some free, random thoughts.)


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