Good/Funny Post of “Why I Entered Ministry”

Mike Cope, a minister at Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, TX, has a good post likening the difficult position of refereeing to ministry. I’ve reffed a few games here and there and participated in sports all my growing up years (are those over yet?) and am not the least bit surprised we’ve got a referee shortage. People work is hard.

I just read about the referee shortage across the country. Guess what? It’s hard to recruit new refs and to convince experienced ones to remain with low pay and poor sportsmanship. Of those who quit, 76% cite poor sportsmanship of the fans, while 68% point to the poor sportsmanship of coaches and players.

While I was in graduate school in Memphis, I refed a few girls’ basketball games for a Christian academy there. We’re not talking high school ball; the girls were maybe nine or ten years old.

And it was eye-opening. The things “Christian” parents would scream at you! Several times people accused me of wanting the other team to win.

As if I cared. I was a poor, married grad student trying to pick up a few bucks. Was I a great ref? Undoubtedly, no. But you get what you pay for.

I decided right then and there I couldn’t spend my life in a profession where people got upset and questioned your motives. So I entered ministry.

Here’s the original link: “Why I Entered Ministry.”


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