“Grow Your Church By Asking People To Leave”

An interesting post on ChurchMarketingStinks.com. (It’s actually originally called Church Marketing Sucks, but I’m not a big fan of that euphemism, so I’m calling it Church Marketing Stinks.) UPDATE: Just found out they actually own ChurchMarketingStinks.com and all the urls (wikipedia this, if you’re a tech novice) are the same except for the sucks/stinks part. That’s kinda cool/funny. Except they’ve got a less than convincing justification for why they use ‘sucks.’ Anyhoo…

Here’s a good post on the benefits of functionally asking people not aligned with your church’s mission to leave. I’m sure it’s usually approached as an ‘invitation’ to find a church that would better suit them. I’m not exactly open to doing this, but it does make an interesting point… There are some pew sitters who are dragging down the church’s mission and might be better served elsewhere.

I feel a bit of a rant coming on here… Of course, I think those people (i.e., generally grouchy non-contributors who drag down the church’s mission) would generally have a hard time pretty much anywhere, especially after the honeymoon at a new church. All churches and all ministers have their issues, hardships, foibles, etc. It’s called the fallout of being sinners. Congregations have to deal with the sinfulness of leaders just as leaders do the sinfulness of congregants. It’s a consequence of being the not-yet-fully-sanctified church this side of heaven. Deal with it and move on with our Kingdom mission, people!


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