Where do they learn these things?

Was talking to a couple from church last evening about how little kids learn language and I commented that, while we were on vacation our 5-year-old Sophie had a good one. I don’t remember the context, but she responded with, “Unfortunately, I’m not a lover of green.” What?! “Unfortunately, I’m not a lover of green”? It’s so funny to see this little 5-year-old girl respond, with this somber, thoughtful look, and come up with a phrase like that.

The couple I was talking with said their 2-year-old granddaughter recently said, “I’m famished.” In the right context and everything! Hilarious.

(I don’t yet have a good link/source for this. I’ll look for something.) I recently read something about a study that said that children learn language better when we don’t teach them intentionally, as if, by confining their learning structures with our directives, we’re hindering their development. Makes sense. Being around a certain linguistic environment and picking up correct habits of speech and good words is better caught than taught. Sounds like discipleship of language.


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