PostSecret Entry – “I just want to be a part of something – anything.”

I just want to be a part of somethingHave blogged before about this interesting, sometimes offensive, sometimes very insightful website called “PostSecret” where people send in homemade postcards with secrets on them. Well, here’s the latest good one I came across. Very telling. Very true. It gets at why I always say everyone should experience the camaraderie of being on a team. It’s the “esprit de corps” we all seek to enjoy together. The victories, the defeats, the maturing influence of suffering together in the trenches. I.e., you think you’re done with the last sprint and you’re giving it everything you’ve got but because one guy is dogging it, the coach screams, red-faced, as if we’ve all greatly offended him, “Start over! Everybody finishes well!”

It’s called participation. And it makes us feel a little more human. A little more alive. And we in the church could stand to leverage this teamwork concept because there are a lot of people out there that just plain wanna be part of something bigger than themselves… and it doesn’t get any bigger or better than the church’s calling to participate in the redemption of the world.


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