iPod Belt Buckle

iPod Belt BuckleIt was only a matter of time… The iPod nano can now be displayed in a whole new way… as a belt buckle. It’s called the “Tune Buckle.” The design is pretty cool, actually. I won’t be wearing one anytime soon, but I’m sure cool kids all over the country will be pretty soon. I tell ya, I’ve gotta come up with some sorta crazy fad belt buckle and market the idea. Maybe the cell phone holster/belt buckle. Or the watch buckle.

Turns out, surprise, surprise, there’s a whole huge cottage industry of belt buckles. There’s the ever-popular-with-the-cool-kids-in-the-big-cities LED buckle. There’s the Nintendo buckle. And my new favorite, the belt buckle knife. Listen to the inventor’s spiel… It’s hilarious. A couple favorite lines… “… or slapping a bad guy in the face or poking his eyes out.” “Watch my hands. Tell me when it gets too hard.” “Reaching for your knife right now would be like committing suicide.” And, BTW, I think he says, “Buck” (i.e., the knife manufacturer) and not that other word.


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