This Internet Thing is Really Pretty Cool

Captain Obvious here… I am still consistently amazed at this whole internet thing. I mean, to think that I can search for information about almost literally anything I could fathom and have a lifetime’s worth of information at my disposal in seconds… for free… is simply awesome. Maybe it’s because, unlike normal people, the prospect of having mountains of data for me to wade through excites my inner Geek. (Okay, for those who know me… I’ll go ahead and provide your response for ‘the world’ (i.e,. approx. 50 hits per day) to see… “Scott, did you say inner geek?!”)

So, yeah. Thanks, Al Gore, for inventing the internet. (Case in point. Here are reams of links about Al Gore’s “invention of the internet” statement/hoax/whatever. This one is especially helpful analysis.)


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  1. Scott, Better swing by my blog today … I’m picking on you! ha

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