Pot Pourri

I haven’t been too hot with writing meaningful theological stuff of late (“Or ever, Scott.” Thanks for the good word inner voice of reason.) I’ve got a couple thoughts percolating… brewing… fermenting… like Eschatological Story-Telling in Barbie Princess Movies… But, in keeping with my ADDness that I like to keep hidden from public view, I’m gonna keep right on providing randomness… and lots of ellipses…

I’ve recently begun using an awesome creative thinking, note-taking, outlining, mind mapping, snippet-keeping program called Curio by Zengobi. I’ve been experimenting with mind mapping for sermon-writing and general thinking and creativity help, which led me to Curio. Gotta say, this is great stuff. Tons of really cool features, all integrated, in typical Mac OS style. It’s fun when you come across things that work as they’re intended and whose depth and structure ‘seem’ to grow as we use them more (i.e., we realize the truth of their depth.) It’s a theological experience. (And, I have the Pro version, which costs $150. HOWEVER, I got Curio 3, their previous version, free last Fall during a giveaway they were having to promote it, AND I emailed them and convinced them that, since churches are non-profits just like other 501(c)(3) organizations, i.e., schools, they should give me the academic upgrade, AND because I had $50 in PayPal from selling a $6 domain name… it was free. I’m so proud.) Seriously, the folks at Zengobi are doing good work worthy of recognition (by my 5 regular readers, probably almost all of whom don’t care.)

I played with the iPhone for about a good 15 minutes when I was waiting at the Apple store last week. That thing is one of the finest examples I’ve seen of a beautiful mix of form and function. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if we read about it being exhibited in MoMA (which is so ‘cool’ its url doesn’t need “www”) or something like that. Some insider(ish) scoop… A lady was in the store who works for AT&T and she says that everyone has one there (AT&T) and they all work flawlessly (except hers, which is why she was there.)


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