I’ve Been Tagged…

… by fellow blogger Trey Morgan, king of lists. Here’s the idea. Being “tagged” means I’ve gotta fill out 8 random/weird/little known facts about my and then tag 8 other bloggers. I’ll definitely do the first part. Not so sure I even know 8 other bloggers well enough. I could just tag people I totally don’t know, like, say, some really popular bloggers… “Hey, Al Mohler, Mark Batterson, and ChurchMarketingStinks.com, (to name a few popular ones), would you please tell us 8 things about yourselves?!” I’d probably be stopped by some spam killer as soon as the words “tagged,” “forward,” and “facts” occurred in the same comment. Anyway… here are my eight:

  1. My middle name is Conrad.
  2. I’m indirectly related to Abraham Lincoln, via Mary Todd.
  3. I supposedly have ADD. This is not a surprise to some who know me. I’ve been sort of diagnosed as such and took medication for about a year or so, but it became too expensive ($50 a month). It’s not covered by insurance. But, I digresss.
  4. I love ellipses. They’re the catch-all informal blog pause when a comma just won’t do.
  5. I am a Mac elitist. Once you go Mac, you never go back.
  6. I am an incessant tweaker. For both good and ill. Or should that be “better or worse”?
  7. I always try to have one little educational advancement project going on the side. I just relearned all 50 US state capitals. Currently I’m working on memorizing the order and dates of office of all US Presidents via Genius for Mac. It’s a cool little Mac-only learning tool. A good 10 minutes a day is all it takes.
  8. I love coffee and coffee shop culture. It’s a third place for frazzled modern people to reconnect.

Voila. Not earth shattering, but I have now fulfilled my duty and can cross that off my OmniFocus list.


3 Responses

  1. I learned a lot of interesting (and weird #7) things about you 🙂 Wish we could sit down over a cup of good coffee someday.

    I don’t know why I keep getting called the “list guy.” Maybe on my 8 things I should have put, “I’m a list guy,” but that’s something everyone seems to already have figuring out.

    Blessings & thanks for playing….

  2. Sounds good. Next time I’m crossing the country of I-40, I’ll hold ya to it.

    You are SO the “list guy.” In fact, I’ve often made mental notes to myself that, if I ever need some good fodder to get started on some sermon/teaching material, search your blog for a list.

  3. Yay for Mac elitists!

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