I Want My Own Entrance Music

Y’know when Alex Rodriguez steps up to the plate and MIMS’ song, “This is Why I’m Hot” starts pumping over the speakers at Yankee Stadium?! Okay, well, I didn’t really know that either, but apparently that’s what happens, according to Wikipedia. It reminds me of when the Chicago Bulls started their introductions by dimming the lights, blasting some music, and shooting lasers all over the place.

Well, I think I want my own entrance music. Maybe we could start that when I begin preaching weekly in early 2008. (For those who don’t know, I’m currently the Associate Minister and am transitioning into becoming the head preacher guy soon.) I’ll have our A/V crew dim the lights, pump the same music the Bulls used, and show some cool flying-supersonic-over-the-Himalayas video. Then, after a brief pause, I’ll rush through the back doors of the sanctuary (while exploding sounds blast over the speakers) and run up to the front of the platform with my Bible in the air! Or I could run back and forth waving my hands trying to start a wave?!

Yeah, I think that’d get the folks here at First Christian Church GreeneVegas excited! Or, more likely, it would result in heart attacks and lots of under-the-breath cussing. Yeah, I guess I’d rather keep my job. And my dignity.


5 Responses

  1. Can we vote on what we think your entrance music should be???


  2. Back when you (and your wife, come to think of it) were growing up, I seem to remember another fella who had his own theme music: Bill Cosby. He did an entire routine about how he had to have his own music with him…was it to ward off the bad guys when he was walking home after dark? And, of course, his alter ego Fat Albert had his own theme music as well. Puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

    Perhaps instead of theme music you could have your own “Ed McMahon” who could introduce you on Sunday mornings: “Here’s Scotty”…okay, maybe not.

  3. Good suggestion, mom. Maybe I could outsource some famous movie star to do the voice… like maybe Patrick Warburton, the actor who played Elaine Benes’ indifferent on-and-off boyfriend on Seinfeld and also the voice of Kronk in Emperor’s New Groove.

    Sure, Trey… Just as long as it’s something like Alan Parson’s Project’s “Sirius” (the live version) that has that epic, something-big’s-about-to-happen quality… And the Board approves it. Good luck with that one! :o)

  4. trevor hoffman (the closer for the padres) has theme music as well. everytime he comes out to pitch, the screen says “trevor time!!!” and the song “hell’s bells” by ac/dc starts playing. it’s great…except when your team is playing against them haha

  5. If it’s gonna be anything, it’s gotta be John Tesh’s version of “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” 😉

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