Our Daughter Started Kindergarten

Sophie’s ready for school!This week our daughter Sophia started kindergarten. Which was hard. Gut wrenching’s not quite the word, but it’s close. She was very excited. And a little bit scared. Same as her parents. Okay, her parents were actually petrified.

She has some new clothes thanks to a generous couple in our congregation who gave us a $300 gift card. (Forewarning: TMI moment… I now finally have some new underwear that doesn’t have holes. Moving on…) She has a cute pink backpack with her name embroidered and a matching lunch bag that, you guessed it, also has her name embroidered on it. Lunch boxes are so passe, BTW. Cool elementary school kids have fabric lunch bags with a padded hot/cold lining and velcro closure. This one also came with a carabiner that attaches to the outside of the matching backpack. Did I mention that the cute pink backpack has little kittens and cool stripes?

Anyway…So, as you can tell, she was uber prepared. Her fanatical ADD father labeled all her classroom supplies with her name… on every side… of every item… including the individual crayons. Believe me, any Wakefield is gonna be uber prepared for school. This education thing is not just about learning stuff. No, this will be Sophie’s job for at least the next 13-17 years. And no, she will probably not be allowed to have a job until she’s out of high school. (Rant coming… I mean, seriously, what do high schoolers need jobs for? So they can pretend to be adults way earlier than they’re actually prepared for?! So they can support their social lives and buy gas and car insurance? I know some kids might truly need jobs. But, having extracurriculars is enough. They’re already crazy busy. Education is their job. To me, adding jobs on top of everything else is adult responsibility that, frankly, they’re usually not ready for and that encroaches on the spiritual discipline of, I dunno, maybe, learning to regularly participate in the body of Christ?! Almost invariably it pushes one’s church life to the margins, like almost anything else can. Rant over. Back to sending Sophie off to kindergarten…)

Sophie and Alden out frontNow, keep in mind that I’m not exactly one to downplay the significance of something. In fact, that’s pretty much what I do… Figure out the significance of things, incessantly. I like to call it theologizing. As in, let’s figure out the gospel connection to our lives. My wife occasionally calls it annoying. So, I don’t wanna make too much of this, but…

This sending-my-child-off-to-school thing is big. It must be what it was like for God to send his “only begotten Son.” It’s the trust of Abraham being asked by God to sacrifice Isaac. It’s Mary’s lifelong battle with letting go of a Son with a mission to redeem the world and talk to the elders at the temple when she wants him for herself. It’s missions. And I don’t exactly love it. But, it’s an important part of her becoming who God made her to be. So… mommy and daddy fight back the tears to send off our little girl. Go get ’em girl!


3 Responses

  1. Our last starts his first day of kindergarden on Monday. I still remember my three older boys very first day. Mom always had to take them because she knew that if they cried and decided they didn’t want to stay, I’d bring them home.

    Loved the story. Except the underware part. 🙂

  2. Yeah seriously. The underwear stuff was probably, umm… a little much. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe Sophie is going to Kindergarten. I remember when you guys moved to Greeneville and she could barely walk! I hope she enjoys starting school and I pray that God gives you and Dagne the strength to send her off every morning.

    I agree about the underwear. Little much. 😉

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