Alden and Movie Popcorn

Alden haircutOur son Alden is 2 and is, seriously, one of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen in your life. He is not a particularly big kid for his age like our daughter Sophie is. When at the movies recently, he didn’t weigh enough to push down the seat. So, here’s this little red-haired kid with his feet pushed Alden looking upup in the air, ambient movie images coloring his face, holding a tub of popcorn so big he can hardly see above it. After hoarding it to himself and stuffing his face with half the bucket, he turns to my wife and matter-of-factly says, for the first time of many throughout the entire movie, “I like popcorn at the movies, mommy.”

Popcorn at the movies, indeed. Well said, little man.


3 Responses

  1. “Back in the day” when Star Wars (now referred to as Episode 4) came out, Dagny and Zachary were Alden’s age. Then as now an inexpensive movie was a great outing for young children, and as a cinema-phile myself Ifelt sure this would be a good first movie experience. The theater was crammed with youngsters of all ages. We were seated on the front row. As the credits scrolled and the music blared, Zach stood up on his seat…he was no bigger than Alden…threw his hands in the air and shouted “WooHoo!” It was then that I knew we were going to have no trouble communicating. May you have the same experience!

  2. lol. That is too cute, Scott.

  3. He is a cute kid … love that red hair. 🙂

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