More Rapture Stuff from Randy Bonifield

This is a funny follow-up story to the song by Randy Bonifield, who wrote “Left Behind: The Rapture Song.”

I came home from junior high school (that’s what we used to call it back then) to a home that usually held a greeting from my mom as I would enter. This particular day, however, there was no greeting. Thinking nothing of it, I took my school stuff and put it in my room and came out hoping mom was just in the kitchen getting me some sort of great after school snack. I entered the kitchen only to find mom wasn’t there.

I began to call out for her – searching each of the upstairs rooms, calling her name as I entered each but around every corner…no mom. Little by little my voice rose in volume and pitch as I began to wonder if the rapture had come and I’d been left behind.


She wasn’t outside.


She wasn’t in the garage.


I couldn’t find her. I’d been left behind. Then, in a shriek that can only be emitted by a pre-pubescent middle school boy, I screamed.


“WHAT!” came a voice from downstairs. It was my mother. She had been doing the laundry in the back room of the basement.

“What is WRONG with you?”

“Nothing.” I said.

We had cheese puffs.

Good stuff.


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