Old Friend Hitting It Big

KennaI’ve got an old friend from my growing up years (Are those over, BTW?) in Cincy named Kenna Zemedkun. We hung out for a few years until, I think, they moved. Anyway… he’s hitting it big in the electronica, make it all on your computer, punk/funk, mix-it-all-together genre. This past July, he opened for the New York City portion of Live Earth. I mean, look at that list of artists at Live Earth. One of his songs is the free iTunes song of the week, a virtual guarantee of really hitting it pretty big. Here’s his Myspace site. The song that comes up first is pretty groovy. It’s crazy how I first learned he was hitting it big. I was watching TV, and there he was, in this Sony commercial.

By the way, he’s in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Blink,” which is, because Gladwell’s crazy interesting and a good writer, a great read. That’s gotta help with the whole notoriety thing. Anyway, keep working hard to produce meaningful music that makes a difference, Kenna! BTW, if you happen upon this, Kenna, because you’re probably Googling yourself often (I think I would if the first 4 entries of a Google search of my first name were about me)… email me again. I’m interested in seeing where you are spiritually/philosophically.


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