John Piper Preaching at Wheaton College Chapel

If you’ve got 30 minutes, you should listen to this message on Sept. 5 by John Piper. He’s got some real nuggets here. Here are a few…

“There’s a way to suffer that makes Christ look great and there’s a way to suffer that makes him look inadequate for you…. I hope to help you taste and see that Christ is more precious than everything else in the universe, including life.”  

“[W]hile we’re talking here 100 [people] a minute are dying, and if you could hear, there would be so many screams, you would go insane. Only one person in the universe can know everything without going insane, and that’s God. If you were just surrounded by a fraction, visibly, sensibly, of the suffering that’s happening right now in the world, you would tear your flesh off. You could not stand it. God parcels out our awareness in small doses lest we go under.””I would like to motivate you and empower you to embrace suffering, to embrace hardship, to embrace risk and danger for the relief of human suffering, especially eternal suffering. May Wheaton not be one of those ludicrous places where it is thought loving [is] to relieve human suffering to prepare people for hell. Let it not be taught here, believed here that you have to choose between those. I pray O God that there would be martyrs here ready to embrace the hard places like… like Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Saudi Arabia, or Algeria, places where nobody wants you to come and they are all hell bound. Love will go. Love will embrace it, choose it, and love will leave these glorious places.”

Don’t worry, Restoration Movement types, if there any of you reading this (like, maybe 2) there’s not much direct Calvinistic influence. (There’s a little, esp. in one spot.) Piper’s a 5-point Calvinist (“Oh no!” BTW, the fact that I have to put in this caveat is stupid, and can sometimes evince a lack of some central Restoration values.) It’s available here, at the WETN website, in a few different formats. Holy cow he’s good. (And he usually isn’t reading his scriptures to which he refers. He’s saying them from memory, people. It’s too fast and fluid. Plus I’ve seen him preach in person 6-7 times. It’s a hallmark of good preachers, I think, that they are so familiar with the text(s) that they have large swaths of their passages memorized. That’s something I wanna do.)I’ll try to listen to the second message (Thu, Sept 6) and report tomorrow-ish (Fri, Sept 7). Got all that?! (“Yes Scott, we, your throng of 4, are waiting with braited beath.”)


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