Am Offline for A Couple Days

BTW, grammarians out there (i.e., my parents and parents-in-law), am I indeed supposed to capitalize the A in this title? Something tells me I do. Moving on…  (“Yes, please, Scott.”)

I’m out of town for a couple days (to Chicago) and will not be blogging until the beginning of next week. (“Oh man! I can hardly stand the two days apart from your blog, Scott!”) Thank you 4 regular readers, thank you. Again, not that anyone cares, but I’m blogging this from the coolest looking Starbucks I’ve ever seen. It’s in Merrillville, IN, of all places, just south of Gary/Chicago. It’s a big two-story design (from the outside, at least) with a sort of angular design meld reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright and the later American Arts & Crafts movement. I like that… “It reflects an angular design meld reminscent of Frank Lloyd Wright and the later American Arts & Crafts movement.” Read this to yourself with an air of a learned museum curator (“lear-ned” to be pronounced with two syllables, while holding the initial vowel sound…  “lear-ned”… sort of like that British guy from “The Paper Chase” who did the Smith Barney commercials… “They eaaaaa-rn it.”)

Anyway, I’m participating in a wedding for a couple former youth group kids. Am doing the 10-minutes sermonette. (Random, why do we often say, “10-minute” instead of “10 minuteS”? I think the S is right. “Enough with the random ADD interjections, Scott!”) It’s weird! I’m getting to the age where I’m doing former youth group kids’ weddings. I’m gonna see some old friends. That’s always fun!


4 Responses

  1. I’d like to be included in the categories “museum curators” and “old friends”…emphasis on the “old”…but I digress.

    No “s” on the 10-minute sermonette (or, for our Roman-influenced brethren, homily). Why? Because 10-minute is here used as an adjective phrase. That’s all I’ve got.

    Oh, and Merillville is, indeed, a great little spot, though I’d have to draw the (coffee) line at *$. No surprise.

    Prayin’ for you as you deliver the message, as you travel, and as you continue to impact these “kids”. Oh, and I do check the blog daily…like you didn’t know that! Keep postin’.

  2. Thanks, not just for the prayer, but for the grammar help. I knew you’d have something.

  3. Hey Scott. I think that I will be back in time on Sunday for us to get together. All it says on the schedule for Sunday is “breakfast, worship, clean-up, and leave,” so I assume that we’ll be back 1-2.

  4. Hey…i am totally confused on what that meant, but the place sounded cool anyways…lol

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