Cool/Scary/Telling Video

Found this cool video thanks to It’s about the “Children of God” cult that grew out of the Jesus People Movement. These were the folks who engaged in an evangelistic tool called “flirty fishing.” Read all about it on Wikipedia. (I love Wikipedia and use it daily to learn cool stuff. And don’t worry, people, I don’t believe everything I read and hear. I am, after all, a child of the 80s-90s. But, I still worship at the altar of Wikipedia. It’s got over 2,000,000 articles for goodness’ sake. Awesome. I’m still way enthralled with this whole internet thing.)

The music is some Sweden “band” of two guys called “Familjen” (I think). They make music on their computers. The music is, like the crazy video and the cult, hypnotizing and catchy.


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