The Male College Dorm: A Hotbed of (Usually Innocent & Funny) Creativity

A Carnegie-Mellon freshman student rigged a little device for unlocking the door when the keys are nowhere to be found (a common male dorm problem. I know, I’ve got 2 years of Residence Life experience at 2 different colleges.) Here’s the YouTube video:

Y’know, depending on where you went to college, the male dorm can be a great place to experience a bunch of… funny stuff. Sometimes it’s, uh, less than kind and is often bordering on crude. Usually it’s innocent and funny. But it’s always creative. The lengths to which college males will go for a good laugh or to creatively fix a small problem is amazing. Y’know, it’d be great if we could harness that energy and creativity to help the church accomplish its goal.


3 Responses

  1. I’m going to have to remember to do that if I ever get locked out. Hmmm……

  2. Where is the reply to my article? And, your caveat about innocence and “bordering” on crude, is nowhere even close to correct in my case. My dorm was certainly not innocent and if there was a line, it was almost always crossed to the point where we could no longer see it. Welcome to Wheaton College traber 7!

  3. Well, yes, Traber 7 is sorta the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dorm decency at Wheaton College. And, no Jon, there is not yet a devastating reply to your article, but there will be… someday relatively soon… relative to, like, geological time.

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