It Must Be A Sign

This post doesn’t have much real significance (so to speak!) But as the new preacher here at First Christian Church of Greeneville, TN, it’s significant for me… Maybe it’s a sign of new things to come, or a new regime, or it’s a portent of the throngs of not-yet-Christians who will clamor to hear the gospel preached. Or, maybe not. Maybe it’s mostly a sign that I’m here, as the next in a long series of Christians, trying to be faithful to FCC SignGod’s call.

Okay, so all it really means is that we changed the sign at church. And yes, we need a new sign. Maybe one of those big color LED crazy things that is creating controversy in nearby Johnson City, TN, because it’s, well, ugly and intrusive. The Sonic here in Greeneville has one of those and it’s right next to a hotel. I’ve often wondered about those poor folks on that whole side of the hotel. How do they sleep with spazzy neon colors dancing all over their hotel room walls?! It’s enough to make you have a seizure. That’s how I feel most nights lately trying to go to sleep… Spazzy thoughts and pressures bouncing around my stressed out head. Maybe those folks get a discount. I want a discount. I need a discount right about now. Maybe Sonic has to pay the difference. That’d be the right thing to do. Doubtful, though. I suddenly feel the need to write the City in support of an updated sign ordinance!

Beginning new endeavors usually has a warm and fuzzy milestone, a tangible sign, where it seems fun and it feels good, but then the big spazzy hopes and dreams sometimes become more like pressures. So, I’ll tell you what it’s a sign of… I gotta finish my sermon! :o)


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  1. I opened the picture and realized my name was on there as well! Quite exciting! I’m actually packing my office at the moment and looking forward to starting up there next week.

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