A First for the First Christian Church Pulpit

Scott Preaches in Basketball ShoesI kinda tweaked my ankle a little bit this past week. The pathetic part is there’s no interesting story to tell other than to say that I have torn ligaments in both ankles over the years of basketball and soccer (and now, walking), so all it takes it a misstep around the corner or down the stairs, etc. And, no, a visit to the orthopedic doctor will not turn up anything other than a prescription to “take it easy” and stop playing sports that “people with aged ankles shouldn’t be playing” (“You mean 34?”). Anyway, when I woke up and got dressed this past Sunday morning, I put on my dress shoes, took a step and knew instantly that wasn’t gonna work. I need some significant support and cushioning when my ankles are hurting, so… I offer visual evidence of my solution… complete with gratuitous use of books in the background to provide that very official and pastoral “boy-he-must-know-a-lot” effect.

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