FCC Staff out to Lunch

FCC Staff at Chuckwagon BBQ

Now, don’t take the title too figuratively, people. Just thought I’d share a picture of our staff eating at a really awesome BBQ place here in Greeneville called Chuckwagon BBQ. Tommy, our new Minister of Youth and Family Life, made a good choice! (With some coaching, of course.)


4 Responses

  1. Out to lunch….just too easy…. like shooting fish in a barrel.

  2. Barbeque….that sounds really good right now…They don’t have a good BBQ place up here and let me tell ya’, I definitely need my Stan’s/Chuckwagon fix.

  3. Dude … come to little Childress Texas and I can take you to Dairy Queen. That’s about all we have.

  4. If I make it remotely close to Childress, Trey, I’m there. And I’m buying.

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