Some Southern Drivers Are Too Nice

Everyone who lives around here ‘witha licka sense’ knows well the truth that the South is God’s Country. On that we can all agree.

But, when it comes to some Southern drivers, there is a recent epidemic of treacherous niceness that imperils all of us. Angry DriverAt least once a day for the last week someone inappropriately, unsafely, and illegally tries to be nice to me… And it’s making me crazy.

It usually happens when I’ve been waiting for a green light and there are lots of cars behind the benevolent offender, who is across the intersection from me. Well, like anyone used to driving, y’know, legally, I begin to inch forward to wait until it’s safe to turn left.

But, in what seems like a disease that’s catching, the person across the way from me, who’s obviously supposed to be crossing the intersection toward me, will flash their lights and sit there, waiting for me to turn. Huh?!

As you can imagine, because I’m accustomed to legally and patiently waiting for my turn, I usually don’t catch on until the third or fourth flash. Of course, this just makes them mad, and here’s the straight-out-of-a-movie part… The kindly culprit, angry that I’ve questioned their advances, inevitably floors it and, while sprinting by, throws up their arms and glares at me in disgust as if I’m the one who’s the problem. I’ve even been flipped off!

So, while I appreciate the (first) gesture, you (initially) well-intentioned drivers can save it and keep right on driving according to the law, because I’m not turning… bless your hearts.


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful post.
    I want to let you know that your post is one of my favorites because it challenges me and makes me think. I love that about you blog. Your blog also encourages me and gives me strength that I need through out the day and week. I want to encourage you to keep up the wonderful posts and topics. I pray that God’s richest blessing fall on your life.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  2. Teaching my daughter to drive … I keep telling her that what she wants is for people to be able to predict what she’s going to do. That means: when it’s your turn, take it … take it with authority.

    This niceness stuff your mentioning is entirely unpredictable and, therefore, deadly.

    I’m with you, Scott. Just drive. We’ll be friends later.

  3. Seriously… “Drive first, friends later” seems rather important if we’re gonna still be around to be friends later.

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