“And you are…?”

My name is Scott Wakefield and I’m a husband, daddy, pastor, coffee shop theologian, disciple maker, and Kingdom-sized dreamer.

Doesn’t that all sound very cool and trendy, like my values are all crystal clear and my behavior is entirely noble and motivated by the glory of God?! Well, it ain’t necessarily so, but I’m working on it. A friend once told me that success isn’t so much a goal but that success is pursuing a worthy goal. So, being fit for eternity, that’s my worthy goal.

Other somewhat interesting stuff, so you know the score (i.e., you can assess where I am theologically and determine whether I’m safe)… I attended Wheaton College, met my hot wife there while playing soccer, and went to seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Emmanuel School of Religion. We’ve got two ridiculously cute kids, Sophia, 6, and Alden, 3, and we are currently brainwashing them to follow in mommy and daddy’s footsteps to attend Wheaton. (See picture for evidence.)

Random rant… I am a rabid evangelist for Christian higher education. I can’t understand how Christians, in their spiritual lives, can ascribe to the assumption that God made everything, and then turn around, in their intellectual lives, and allow themselves wholesale, often unwittingly, to be convinced that education is neutral and that a secularized philosophy of education actually makes sense. Christianity invented (at least Western) education as we know it, people! (Not that you can’t get a good “education” in the secular sense at a non-Christian college, but it’s still a different set of assumptions.) The idea that any system of education is neutral is a farce. Mars Hill Audio Journal, something all pastors should listen to, addresses this issue well, as it does all issues. Anyway, moving on… probably to another rant, eventually.

I don’t like grammatical error, sweating in pants, people who can’t listen to or at least consider reason, poison ivy, allergens, messiness, and folding laundry. I like coffee. I like to read. I like the interplay between church, theology, and culture. I like to learn new stuff… daily… often online… and I like ellipses (the informal catch-all pause.) But most of all, I like seeing God glorified in the church. I want to fearlessly call people to participation in the unfolding drama of God’s advancing Kingdom, a la Steve Camp‘s “Run to the Battle” (off the top of my head, sorry if errors): “Some people wanna live / Within the sound of chapel bells, / But I want to run a mission / A yard from the gates of hell.” In a neutered American church, where being a Christian doesn’t mean any significant change of lifestyle or beliefs, the gates of hell can be much closer than we sometimes realize. That’s why I’m a pastor.


3 Responses

  1. You seem like just my kind of guy!

    Thanks for linking to my site.

  2. Thanks! I admire that you are extending the “glass house” of being a pastor to the internet. What brought me here was your reference to the Steve Camp song. I was thinking today how I had wanted to live that song, as a Christian, catching people just in the nick of time, ever since I first heard it. I have been feeling out of sorts lately about the unachieved goals in my life and in my Christian walk in particular. Then it struck me that perhaps I am doing exactly what I set out to do, I just couldn’t see it because my experience is framed differently than I had expected it to be. You see, I am a radiation therapist, giving treatments to cancer patients. My job is to be their friend, advocate, mother, counselor, and cheerleader, in addition to actually delivering the treatment. Sometimes I am dealing with curable disease, at other times I can only help relieve their symptoms and make their remaining time on earth more comfortable. As a front-line part of the team that helps them deal with the ups and downs of this implacable enemy, I have held people, cried with them, laughed with them, loved them, and tried to ease the way in whatever way I can. So…I guess, really, I am running a mission, a yard from the gates of hell. And I can only do it because someone loved me enough to go right up to those gates for me, and daily inspires me by His example. How cool is that?

    Thanks for an uplifting site.

  3. Yes, Louise, it’s pretty cool indeed. Thanks for your kind words.

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