Empty Inbox, Repetition, The Beautiful Internet…

The many hours I’ve invested in whittling down my email inbox to zero have finally borne their intended fruit. I give you… (pause for drum roll and the deafening din of throngs of frenzied supporters)… the empty inbox, in all its resplendent glory. Believe me, people, this inbox is empty for the glory of God. It’s the only thing worth sifting through [actual number deleted to protect the reputation of the guilty as a hard worker] of emails!

The Empty Inbox

“Thank you. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. It’s good to be here. Thank you.” All this repetition reminds me of something I came across… This is hilarious. I believe Ann Curry uses the word “morning” 4 times in a span of about 3 seconds.

Ohhhhh goodness…. Can you believe this stuff? I love the internet.


Not that anyone cares…

… but my email inbox has been down to zero for the last 4 weeks straight. This is on par with the miraculous, people. We’re talking down to zero from 350 emails. Granted, half of those were informational in nature and were just things I wanted to log or file for future use (illustrations, resources, etc.), but it still feels quite nice to have my inbox down to zero. “Oh, how I love… Jesus…” and simplicity and cleanliness and organization.

Here’s the pathetic part… It’s the first time my inbox has been down to zero in, oh… about 5 years. Scary.

Anybody out there in cyberspace got any scary and/or scary-turned-happy email inbox stories?

“Still Think You Can Multi-Task?!”

Interesting little piece about multi-tasking… a justification for my current one-open-application/project-at-a-time philosophy, which, as of the writing of this post, I am not utilizing! (But will get right back to it, after I switch to a different song on iTunes, finish that thought I was working on with Word, and check my email again, for the 25th time today!)

This little snippet comes from Tim Ferriss, controversial author of The Four-Hour Work Week. I don’t know enough to say anything about his ideas or the book, but this PDF from ChangeThis.com has some really good and interesting ideas about productivity. (Anyway, gotta get back to that one-project-at-a-time thing…)

“Inbox Zero” by Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann is one of the biggest and coolest lifehackers today. Lifehacking is just a hip techie way of speaking about productivity, but it accounts especially for the ridiculous amount of information through which we increasingly have to sift. Internet is cool, part 2… The amount of cool stuff that people out there are creating in this vein (lifehacking) is mind-boggling.

I came across this video of a presentation he gave at Google. It’s about how to process email. Good stuff, even for pastors, many of whom are becoming lifehackers in their own right. I’m not exactly one yet, but I REALLY need to implement some of this stuff. Okay, all of it.

Here’s  an interesting tidbit or two… He touches on this toward the end. I think I’m about to declare “email bankruptcy.” Here are a couple good links about this: 43 Folders: Email Bankruptcy and 43 Folders: The Email DMZ. This whole lifehacking and email bankruptcy phenomenon is quite interesting. It’s part of a larger issue, even concern, about how to navigate the information overload that we all experience. At the very end Merlin touches on how people even need an “information priest.” Now, of course, churchgoers in Greeneville, TN aren’t nearly in the same situation informationally as “knowledge workers” but they are nonetheless in need of theological filters for the sheer volume of stuff coming at us every day. Drucker and Toffler had it right. And even in relatively rural(ish) (OK, relative to our previous home, suburban Chicago) G’Vegas there is a very small percentage of people who actually work the land.