Mission Trip Pics Update

Just for the record, for those waiting for more mission trip pics and commentary, I’m finally getting around to compiling all the pics from the various cameras that went on the trip, so a couple more posts will be forthcoming in the next couple days. I haven’t forgotten. (Like the other 150 things on my various to-do lists on OmniFocus, I haven’t forgotten. Now, as far as execution… well, that’s another matter.)


South Dakota Mission Trip Pics, part 1

Just got back from a 10-day trip to South Dakota. Was a fantastic trip in so many ways. I’m still recovering from the usual fatigue accompanying these trips. Thought I’d share some photos…


We saw a whole slew of folks traveling together on their Honda Goldwings, all of which had the little pull behind trailer. This was a particularly cool one. I think Dagny and I are gonna have to take a whirlwind bike tour across America some day.St. Louis Arch

The St. Louis arch was a highlight of our travel on day one. We stayed at a less-than-posh hotel (on purpose, unbeknownst to the students) so we could experience a taste of the conditions we were going to experience during our trip. We were going to minister to Native Indian children, mostly, whose living conditions were way less-than-posh.

Kids at poolDay two (Kearney, NE) saw us at a pretty nice hotel with… (to be announced with one of those monster truck show announcers’ voices)… “the largest indoor water park in Nebraska.” I.e., there were two enclosed water flumes. It was pretty darn cool, actually. It just kills me how they hype it like that. You have the impression you’re gonna walk into this big huge place with a lazy river, wave pool, and multiple slides. The kiddie pool part was actually quite neat. Never had that stuff as a kid when I stayed at a hotel!

hayThis is what we saw most of the way… corn, soybeans, and cattle. Every once in a while we’d see a field with “hunerds” (as our East TN kids say) of bales of hay. I think it was actually dozens, usually… but striking nonetheless. I tell ya, this country of ours is pretty darn cool. It’s no wonder we quickly became the agricultural center of the universe. I also thought to myself often that there is no way I would wanna be responsible for thousands of acres of, well, anything. I’m far more a hand me some coffee and a book kind of guy. And the internet, and/or the newspaper. I just need some fodder for analysis. And ADD medicine, as the last few stream-of-consciousness sentences illustrate.

Kevin at SubwayWe ate lots of fast food on the road. Subway sorta became a favorite among many in the crew, especially after 2 straight McDonald’s trips the first day. Here is Kevin saying, on the inside, “Don’t even think about touching my sandwich,” and “Why are you taking a picture of me?!”

SD SignFinally, here we are at the South Dakota sign. I gotta tell ya, it was a big relief to see that we were actually going somewhere. Y’know, there is a level of trust involved in following an atlas. It was nice to know we were entering the correct county. On time. And without any major drama, with vans or people.

Ladies in Room Upon ArrivalIt’s always interesting, the difference between the males and females. As soon as we got there, the ladies sat down, got organized, and called home to reassure everyone we got there in one piece. Guys WrestlingThe guys, on the other hand, threw their bags on the floor and went straight to wrestling. Don’t worry, no egos or bones were hurt in the process. It must be some sort of visceral response to having “conquered” the drive to Martin, SD… like it’s something to subdue. Frankly, my response was just fatigue… lots of fatigue.

More tomorrow about the week and what we did.